How many kilometers did you drive today?

EPIC builds custom battery packs based on the following information,

These questions are very important in development of such a battery pack, for example:

Image of Honda Civic
Image of Mazda 3

With the two main questions answered:

After computing the complex calculations, results are as follows, and the 2500lb vehicle will consume about 156 watts per kilometer for stop & go city driving.

On the highway the vehicle will consume less energy to maintain speed.

A required battery pack would be 9,360 watt hours, rounded up to 9.4 kilowatt hours (kW h), this would be considered an economical commuter battery pack. 

We build custom battery packs which offer much more range.


Heavy Vehicles, with extended range will require larger battery packs, costs are also higher.

Image of Pickup Truck Image of BMW

Please contact us for your specific driving needs.